Xbox 360 Oblivion (the elder scrolls) reveiw by Josh

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Xbox 360 Oblivion (the elder scrolls) reveiw by Josh Empty Xbox 360 Oblivion (the elder scrolls) reveiw by Josh

Post by Josh on Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:00 am

Ever played World of warcraft and said to yourself "Why amI killing Kazzak the doom lord for his drops when in real life i could just pickpocket him?" If you have then welcome to the world of Oblivion!

In this game you Can do just about anything. Saving up for a weapon? Why not just picklock the shop after hours or steal the key from the owner or steal the WEAPON from the owner OR kill the owner the possibilitys are endless.

Ok a bit about the story, Your in jail (bummer) but dont worry you get out becuase the king (ureil septim) trusts you. Anyway long story short he dies you get this amulet thing that keeps life going and you must give it to the heir of the king (this is after you get to chosse your CUSTOM class, your birthsign, skin tone, hair colour and everything else you can dream of) so you take it to this weirdo monk guy called jaufree who gives you all this useless armour stuff which you sell and get money to buy real armour with. so anyway he says you have to find martin whos in this oblivion gate (like a big portal to another dimesion) so suddenly you become this big guy that can single handedly kill trillions and trillions of deadra (evil guys) just buy dropping a stone in the right place. so long story short you close 9 oblivion gates while keeping up with an infinate number of side quests and guild reccomendations then this deadera guy thats 50 storys tall comes and starts to destroy the main city so you manage to kill him with a pew pew pew with a TOTALLY NORMAL sword to the back of the ankle and he dies. well done game finished. Almost after you kill him more sidequests become availible and the game goes from epic to IMPOSSIBLY EPIC.

Oblivion is a great game with not to many bad points except for the fact that it isnt balanced for example you can kill a giant with 2 hits to the back of the ankle but it takes about an hour of solid power attacks to kill one imperial guard. but still a little bit of unbalacing dosent make a game unplayable right?

Xbox 360 Oblivion (the elder scrolls) reveiw by Josh Oblivion_xbox360_550box

one last thing, if you have oblivion on xbox 360 and it lags alot during loading when you fast travel or enter shops or buildings an easy way to fix it is by holding down the A button while it loads (before the bethesda thing appears(before the main menu). this clears the games cache folder allowing it more runtime memory.

*note you will NOT lose any autosaved/saved game data when you do this

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Xbox 360 Oblivion (the elder scrolls) reveiw by Josh Empty Re: Xbox 360 Oblivion (the elder scrolls) reveiw by Josh

Post by Meat on Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:38 am

This is josh, He wants to pick pocket doom lord kazzark, Harden the F*** up Josh
This is josh, He has a nickname, Here's a nickname for you "Harden the F*** up josh"
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Rofl- I kid I kid. Very nice review!! Oblivion FTW (F*** The What) Lo-L Awesome Awesome game
Very Happy.
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