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Post by Mr. Toasty Generic on Sat Mar 21, 2009 11:49 pm

I just found this awesome handheld, perhaps its my new emulator slave?

The GP2X Wiz Gamepark-gp2x-wiz

Unfortunately this beauty is 110 British pounds which equals to around 330 dollars here.
I would LOVE to have this though, it has a touch screen and has about the same amount of power as a PSP. Oh, and did I mention it can play almost all emulators for any console except for PS2, Xbox (I think), Gamecube and all consoles above that range. It can play arcade games, videos, music, flash and is very compact

I believe this looks like a must buy if this comes onto trademe (or at least in US dollars!)

Tell me what you think about this awesome new handheld.
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