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Here at the Oceania Gamers Association, we want YOU to have fun! But for that to happen, all you need to do is follow a few rules we have!

What not to do!

* Racism, we don't like KKK mofo's or any racists here. You will be given a SINGLE warning and if it repeats, a ban.
* Cussing; sure, the occasional trash talk is ok... but using the f-bomb more than 10 times in a non rant post is pretty over the top. This will be treated by a single warning, then a 1 day suspension and finally a full ban.
* Sexual References, maybe you want to post some kiddie porn here but that definitely will not be accepted here. Posting any sexual references without warning or a spoiler tag AND without contacting a mod will result in a full ban.
* Offensive Images; posting any pictures offending a specific person, nationality, religion or anything that could hurt someone badly will be dealt with severely. As usual, a full ban will be issued out.
* Spamming/Linking, spamming is annoying to everyone so just don't do it. Linking is also annoying, so be sure to limit your posting amount and put links in the Linking forum. You will get 3 strikes and then you get a weeks suspension.
* Double Posting; double posting is pretty annoying, use the edit button and you'll be fine. If you continue to double post for 5 times you will be issued a 2 day suspension from ocGA.
* Respect, G Spamming; no one likes to be put down for having an opinion or for no reason at all. People found giving negative points to people arguing a point, having an opinion or for no reason at all will be giving one warning, followed by a temporary ban if it continues, an full account ban if they continue even then and if they create a new account and continue to abuse the system, an IP Ban.

Well those are the rules for ocGA! Follow them and you'll be on your way to earning points and being a valued part in our community!

- Mr. Generic
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