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Post by Meat on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:48 am

World Of Warcraft Surprised
World Of Warcraft PC Game Review By Meat 250pxwowboxart1
~If God was a video game he would be this one

This MMORPG is the mother of all games and with two expansions out so far and patches often but not too many Smile this game is
ever changing and has something for almost everyone. And it has so much customization(Class, Race, Faction, Talent Trees, Clothing, Spells, Points) But it is expensive to play with an initial price of $40-$70 maybe depends on the shop you purchase it from, and then their are the monthly fees of $25 per month.

But if you have money to spend on this very addictive game (The Herion Of Games) go ahead even better if you have friends to play it with

Story: Its very hard to say every race, faction and choice has their own story so stuff explaining that but its up to you on what you want to focus on Leveling, Questing, Roleplay, Just being awesome or PVP

Gameplay: Its quick paced when doing PVP, Funny when roleplaying, Intersting and ever changing when questing.

So I recomend this to anyone with some money to spend it on

Rogue - A quick melee class with stealth
Warrior - A heavy duty tough class
Mage - Uses high hitting spells that do lots of damage but low health
Priest - A healer
Paladin - A melee healing hybrid class
Shaman - Uses a combonation of Healing and Offencive spells
Druid - A shape shifting class
Warlock - A class that uses alot of fast damage spells
Deathnight - A Super Hybrid class


Horde: People generally think of these races as the "Monsters" and "Evil/Bad" Guys
Alliencë: About the opposite of the horde


Blood Elf

Night Elf

10/10 best MMORPG ever
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