Microsofts X-Box 360 console review by Meat

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Microsofts X-Box 360 console review by Meat

Post by Meat on Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:29 pm

Microsofts X-Box 360

Microsoft makes computers or programs right? they also made the X-box? Yep but I still think they shouldn't make consoles
The original X-box was great it came with fun games and had no major errors so what happen?
X-box 360/X-box has some of the most fun games which include the Halo series, the Fable series and Conquer(That cool game with the squirrels) but they screwed up so much with this console.

Do you have one? if you do have you ever seen this?

It's the main reason this console fails, when you see this you will scream in dispair it's called the "RROD" which stands for Red Rings Of Death/Doom it means your console has a major error Mad

It is usually a over heating or a fusion error
And if you do not have your warrenty or it has expired it will cost you a small but annoying and unneeded fee
(Rofl it might be a money making scam, probably not but still it would be funny)

Over all opion:
Not a Horrible console, It is accually very fun until it RROD's but that would be mostly because of the games
So I think microsoft should make games Very Happy but not consoles :p

I warned you not to buy it but go ahead! and I would like to hear other peoples opions
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