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Need For Speed Undercover PS2 By Defeated Empty Need For Speed Undercover PS2 By Defeated

Post by Defeated on Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:44 am

NFS Undercover
Need for Speed undercover is a pretty cool game,
but NOT on PS2 the graphics suck it makes me get motion sickness.But on a positive note PS2 NFS undercover is the only one with multi-player capibility.

This game is really easy because they got rid of the blacklist concept now you have to do jobs for the blacklist members instead of racing them.

The chases on this game are so easy the cops are ******ed i'm like parked on the side of the road then I drive into a person's car and cops start chasing me I stop and they stop moving I got a chase time of 29mins becaue I got fed up and drove away from the cops.

Free Roam
Apparently this game has free roam.Not really GTA Vice city's free roam is a million times better than this game's.

By Defeated

P.S. - I give this game a 6/10

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