Battlefield2142 PC Game Review By Meat

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Battlefield2142 PC Game Review By Meat

Post by Meat on Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:22 am


Story:(Their isn't alot of story its a generic war game)
It has very small stories like "The first batalion took over the secound outpost as the war carried on" and then you have to create the rest by winning the Battle.

Developers: EA (Electronic Arts)

Genre: FPS Shooter

Gameplay: Very fun and fast paced, the vehicles are very enjoyable(Probably gonna play some after I finish up on the forum)
Their are quite a few unlocks and and weapons. But unfortunatly it only has:

4-Classes(Not as much as COD)
Each class only has 3 primary weapons(not alot)
5 or 6 levels (Okay amount)
Levels are okay sizes

But it is diffinitley fun

Cost: about $60 at EB(Electronics Botique) at botany atm

9/10 tongue

I recomend this game
penis with 4 eyes

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