Age Of Empires II The Age Of Kings PS2 Game Review By Meat

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Age Of Empires II The Age Of Kings PS2 Game Review By Meat Empty Age Of Empires II The Age Of Kings PS2 Game Review By Meat

Post by Meat on Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:08 am

Age Of Empires II : The Age Of Kings
Age Of Empires II The Age Of Kings PS2 Game Review By Meat 250pxageofempiresiithea

Consoles: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PS2

Developers: Ensemble Studios

Genre: Strategy

The time period/frame: the Dark Age, the Feudal Age, the Castle Age, and the Imperial Age which follow history
their are also 13 civilizations to chose from which some differ in their building styles.

Units: infantry, archers, cavalry, siege weaponry, and naval units - which all have unique advantages against eachother

Resources:(Quotes out of manual)

Food - Food is necessary to create new villagers and soldiers, research technology, and advance to the next age.

Wood - Wood is used to create buildings, ships, some siege weaponns, archers, and in some technology research.

Stone - Stone is necessary for building and upgrading walls and towers, and for building Wonders.

Gold - Gold is required to create advanced military units and to advance to civilisations with high levels of technology. (Aside from mining, you can also increase your gold by trade or garrisoning a relic in a monastery.)

Gameplay: Personally I don't like slow stategy games because of my impaitence. But for people who can stand these slow games
This is one of the better ones because it has lots of fun modes, when I look back I recall one called "joan of arc" which featured almost a hero system with Joan of Arc as you main troop and you have to keep her alive (Well thats what I remember Embarassed Hope I remember correctly, sorry to the
Developers(Ensemble Studios) But yeah it wasn't as bad as those really crappy long strategic games with slow battle where the enemys seem to build 5x faster that you can think(And you have to refer to cheats to be slightly good at the games)

Cheats: I'm not gonna list them but i'll give some examples

Their are:
Money/Gold Cheats
Wood Cheats
Stone Cheats
Food Cheats
Invicibility Cheats
Instant win


7/10 Fun for Strategy games
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