Final FantasyVII Dirge of Ceberus PS2 By Defeated

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Final FantasyVII Dirge of Ceberus PS2 By Defeated Empty Final FantasyVII Dirge of Ceberus PS2 By Defeated

Post by Defeated on Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:39 am

This is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games beause:
-Of it's really good graphics A++
-It's battle system(3rd person Shooter!!!)A++ The only final fantasy game with that battle system as far as i know.
-overall gameplay A++

Charactors Include;
-Vincent Valentine
Orginally a gun-slnging member of the turks, back in the days when Shinra Electric power Company was known as Shinra Manufacturing. The mad scientist Hojo transformed his body into the aberration it is today. His long slumber in a coffin below Shinra Manor came to an end three years ago, when he was awakened by Cloud ad joined him on his quest.

-Yuffie Kisaragi
A young ninja fro te distant lan os Wutai. Three years ago, she became entagled with Cloud and his companions during her search for Materia. She is away from her homeland and has been (somewhat) forced into joining the WRO. She is in chage of espionage and intellegence gathering.

-Reeve Tuesti
The former head of Shinra's Urban Development Department. He is currently serving as the commissioner of the World Regenesis Organization(WRO), a group devoted to helping the planet recover from Meteorfall tragedy and standing against those who would threaten the world again.

Although her appearence is that of a 10 year old girl. Shelke is actually a member of the Tsviets, an elite Deepground unit. Her specialties include the ability to drive into virtual networks and weild two EM sabres in combat. She is working closely with Azul in the search for Vincent's whereabouts.

Also a member of the Tsviets. His appearence has earned him the title of "Azul the Cerulean." His greatest love is battle, and his awe-inspiring power allows him to weild a tank's cannon as if it were a toy.

A member of the Tsviets whose body is stained crimson. She moves with the elegance and speed of a panther. She is feroucios and unstable and can shoot airwaves from her hands. Her dream is to see the world devoid of all human life.

Main Story line

Three years after Final Fantasy VII, a mysterious group suddenly surfaces to raid a town. They are a group of soldiers known as the Deepground Soldiers (DG Soldiers), created by the late President Shin-Ra, and trapped under Midgar due to the Meteor Crisis.

An optional character of the original game, Vincent Valentine, personally has some connection with this series of events, but the reason is unknown. What awoke in the underground in these three years? And what is the tragedy that is beginning? When the world is engulfed by darkness, his handgun will play the dirge...

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