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Tremulous Review( By Dr.Octagonapus) Empty Tremulous Review( By Dr.Octagonapus)

Post by Dr.Octagonapus on Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:24 am

Tremulous is a first person shooter featuring two opposing teams, humans and aliens. Both teams are able to build
structures such as spawn points, which are vital to their victory. The goal of Tremulous is to eliminate the opposing team
and all of their spawn points.
Each team in Tremulous differs fundamentally from the other. The aliens are class based, with two classes initially
available: the alien team’s builder, known as the Granger, and the Dretch, the weakest offensive alien. The aliens are
awarded frags for killing their foes which may be used to evolve into stronger classes, capable of greater and more varied
maneuvers. In contrast the human team is upgrade based, receiving credits for kills that may be exchanged at an Armoury
structure for new weapons, armour and equipment. Two such upgrades are available for free: a rifle and a construction
kit, used for building structures.
During a game of Tremulous, each team occupies one of three stages of development. These stages are reached by
accruing more than a specific total number of kills by the whole team. Each new stage unlocks new classes, upgrades
and buildable structures. If one team reaches a stage significantly earlier than the other team it stands a better chance of
defeating the opposing team.
Section 2 details the content of the game including the various controls that are used to play. Section 3 describes some
technical aspects of how Tremulous works. It is not necessary to read this section in order to play the game.

Two classes are available upon joining the alien team: the Dretch and the Granger. As you gain kills, you may use your
earned frags to evolve into higher classes with the USE STRUCTURE/EVOLVE button. The alien team is mostly limited
to melee attacks and must use stealth and speed to defeat the longer range humans. All aliens automatically regenerate
health at a slow rate.

Humans may spawn with either the Construction Kit or the Rifle. As credits are earned, humans may sell their old upgrades
and purchase new ones at an Armoury structure. Ammo may be refilled for normal weapons at Armouries, or at Reactors
and Repeaters for energy weapons, all at no cost. Players may only carry one weapon at a time, excluding the Blaster. In
general the humans rely on long range weapons to make up for their lack of mobility relative to the alien team.

So basically that is Tremulous. A very fun FREE fps game. Nice graphic and from Generic "it doesn't feel right"
But it DOES Generic it does!
So yes that is all
Please comment and don't rant and spam
And Generic don't post if its not a proper comment and dont change this into that Wiener thing, Tho it would be funny, but no. I worked hard on this.

Tim ’Timbo’ Angus – Programming and Direction
Nick ’jex’ Jansens – Mapping, texturing and 2D artwork
Robin ’OverFlow’ Marshall – Modelling, animation and mapping
Jan ’Stannum’ van der Weg – Texturing and mapping
Mike ’Veda’ Mcinnerney – Modelling, animation and texturing
Gordon ’Godmil’ Miller – Mapping
’Who-[Soup]’ – Mapping
Tristan ’jhrx’ Blease – Mapping
Paul ’MoP’ Greveson – Modelling and texturing
Chris ’Dolby’ McCarthy – Sound
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