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Post by Sowilo on Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:18 am

Due to many offensive, inappropriate or immature topics I have decided to lay down so rules for this forum. You will have noticed that a number of threads have been moved to the locked forum titled "Graveyard". This is so that only administrators may view the rude topics and refer to them when necessary.

1. The rants forum is a place for you to let that heavy feeling off of your chest, it is NOT a place to dump that feeling on someone else. Use of real names to offend or complain about over people will lead to one strike for all participants that offend.

2. The rants forum can be a place for you to complain about things in your life (ie, can defeat certain boss). It is NOT, I repeat NOT, a place for debates. Any debates found will be moved to the Graveyard.

3. We already have strict rules about the abuse of the Respect, G system. In a rants forum we are even more strict. If you are caught abusing the system in the rants forum you will be given one strike and a temp ban of 1 day.

4. The rants forum is like ocGA's little emo corner, if someone appears to be really whiny and emo they do not deserve negative points, they deserve condolences.

5. Even though it is a place for rants, the rants forum is not a place for extreme cussing. The ocGA forums is supposed to be a rather peaceful place. If you are going to cuss in your topics, please put [CUSS] in the title. (ie. I hate my new Step-Mum [CUSS]).
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