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Forum Decline in use :( Empty Forum Decline in use :(

Post by Meat on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:34 pm

Fix the forum!

Wink I love the forum
but lately its been decreasingly fun and I don't go on it anymore Sad which is sad
But i'm trying to find the cause which so far shows that rants have a big part in the desturction of the fun!

Heres what the graveyard looks like

Forum Decline in use :( Graveyardweq
All of those used to be in the ranting topic section and all are made by rogan

The main reason for the dying forum in my opion
Now if you look at teh_cosmos he makes his presence known without being
destructive, he makes awesome graphics and make good wholesome family fun comments - Good on ya homedog!

But if you look at rogan all his posts pretty much insult someone somehow
For example josh-jonathan debate isn't it obvious that josh romero is the real josh not jonathan
Their both cool but josh's real name is jonathan and nobody stole anyones life even brogaun stealing rogans

Rogan Brogaun
Male Female
Tall Medium
Short Hair Long Hair
Has acne Has maybe 1 pimple? dunno don't notice
Hick Girl

Whats the same? pretty much nothing maybe 4 letters in their names

So get over it! and stop killing the forum by bickering over nothing
And BTW rogan if you decide to make a rant about john keys and helen clark I quit the forum
because we're kids and we don't accually have to worry or care about whos a bigger prick! so you better F***** not!

Do we really want the forum to look like this?
Forum Decline in use :( Fatew

Hope not! alex is doing a great job moderating this Bull**** okay Very Happy
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Forum Decline in use :( Empty Re: Forum Decline in use :(

Post by Teh_Cosmos on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:48 pm

Thanks for the complement ^_^ I've been using forums for years now, so I have learned how to act on them. I'm hoping this forum will be successful as well, but with people acting stupid it's not going to happen.

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