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Post by Mr. Toasty Generic on Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:09 am

Review Rules

I absolutely ADORE reviews, they let you know what a game is about and how it plays out instead of just reading the back of a game casing.

Reviews should be in proper grammar, have images and properly paragraphed.
If you start a topic, it must be like this '[GAME NAME] Review by [USERNAME]'
So for me it would be perhaps 'Shining Soul II Review by Mr. Generic'
This way it is easy to navigate and find reviews!

Now for points - membership points play a large part in ocGA, doing any review will get you 5 points. If it is good, you will earn an extra 1-3 points.

If someone else has made a review of the same game, I would not advise to do another unless if you REALLY, REALLY want to do it.

Well now that you know the rules, you can go to review those awesome games of yours!
Ps. Also the review judging will be strict, the reviews will be judged and if it is crappy you must change it or delete it and don't make them too short!
-Mr. Generic
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Mr. Toasty Generic
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