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MapleStory (short) Review by Mr. Generic Empty MapleStory (short) Review by Mr. Generic

Post by Mr. Toasty Generic on Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:25 am

MapleStory Review [24/03/09]

MapleStory (short) Review by Mr. Generic Sk-games-maplestory_poster

Grind, Grind, Level Up, Grind, Grind, Die, Grind, Grind... you get the picture.

MapleStory is an MMORPG designed by Nexon, most of you have probably played it before so i'm doing a quick review instead of an in-depth one.

MapleStory, as you know is unique because it is a 2D side-scrolling MMO. The idea works and plays out well, of course when you lag it gets pretty annoying with delayed attacks and such.

MapleStory is also known for its unique character customization, this kind of only works when you have their real life - in game currency, Nexon Cash. In the Cash Shop there is over 200 items to choose from, this is where MapleStory really strives; its presentation is beautiful in its own way. While WoW may have stunning 3D graphics, MapleStory has unique and wacky 2D graphics that fit in with the theme.

MapleStory has a simple combat system that works well, you simply just press a button to use your normal attack. You can assign skills to hotkeys such as Power Strike, Mesos Explosion and Fire Arrow.

The game has a community filled with idiots, 5 year olds and beggars. On a character with NX hair, you cant walk through Lith Harbor without being whispered by someone who just began "Can I have NX cash plz?" or "mesos plz!11!!!!1" Usually i'd spare a thousand mesos or so but now its just getting annoying with everyone swarming over a single person.

The leveling system is also flawed, I have yet to find a decent MMO (except Guild Wars I guess) that I can play and get to a 'high' level without getting bored. MapleStory is a grindfest to say the least, with many new quests to do it helps but you'll find yourself grinding at one time or another. Also, if you have no NX you'll be stuck looking like any other of the 500,000+ people without NX.

Overall, i'd say MapleStory is a good time-waster but never to play for long excessive amounts of time or you'll just get bored.

MapleStory won't be getting a number grade because at higher levels it might get more fun, but from my experiences even private servers with its own PVP system are way better than Nexons version.

-Mr. Generic

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